Expensive Properties Case | Farooq Sattar testifies against

Expensive Properties Case | Farooq Sattar testifies against Founder MQM

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Farooq Sattar has testified against MQM in the legal battle over expensive properties in London. “Expensive Properties Case | Farooq Sattar testifies against Founder MQM”

According to the details. A legal battle is going on between different factions of MQM for the acquisition of 7 expensive properties in London. During this legal battle, former convener of MQM Pakistan Farooq Satar has stood against his former leader.

Expensive Properties Case | Farooq Sattar testifies against Founder MQM

Expensive Properties Case

According to media reports, on the second day of the ongoing trial in London. Dr. Farooq Sattar testified in the court through a video link. During the hearing, MQM founder Richard Slade Gang Counsel questioned Farooq Sattar.

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About the situation related to the controversial speech by Farooq Sattar. Explaining, informed the court about the removal of founder Muttahida. From the post of party head and expulsion from the party.

On this occasion, the lawyer of founder MQM asked Farooq Sattar that after the controversial speech. Farooq Sattar was under pressure in the custody of Rangers and expelled the founder Muttahida from the party.

To which Farooq Sattar replied that the party had taken this decision unanimously to protect the party from further damage, I did not make any conspiracy, the Rangers did not ask to expel the founder Muttahida, it was my own will.

MQM London leaders present in the courtroom laughed after hearing this from Farooq Sattar.

Farooq Sattar said that during the conversation with Nadeem Nusrat after the controversial statement, he did not indicate to dismiss the leader, he did not break any law.

The founder MQM himself had announced to give the control of the party in Karachi. There was agreement that MQM will remain active until the matter cools down, while the leader will rest and control the party from Pakistan. The founder did not take formal permission from MQM before the press conference.

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