PTI has no Problem with Election after one year, Imran Khan

PTI has no Problem with Election after one year, Imran Khan

Lahore: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that PTI has no problem with the election after one year. “PTI has no Problem with Election after one year, Imran Khan”

PTI Chairman Imran Khan while addressing the participants of the Long March through video link said that I am told to wait for the election for a year, Tehreek-e-Insaf has no problem with it because the people are with us and when the country is Elections will also be held and PTI will win.

Imran Khan said that we have no problem with waiting for the election but the country is in danger from these people because the economic situation is bad and Pakistan is badly trapped due to conspiracy.

He once again criticized the performance of the previous government of PML-N and PP government and held them responsible for the current situation of the country.

PTI has no Problem with Election after one year, Imran Khan

PTI has no Problem with Election

Imran Khan said that these two families increased the debt of the country, the lending countries trade national security with us in return, which they have no problem with because all their assets are outside and Nawaz Sharif would also have compromised on national security. Will not be late.

“Answer the conspirators, who is responsible for the situation?”

Imran Khan said that those who conspired and imposed these thieves on the country should answer that who is responsible for the current destruction of the country? He said that I had told the handlers that if they were brought, the economic situation of the country would become worst, but the facilitators did not listen and brought the country to this situation. Does anyone still think they can improve the conditions of the country?

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The highest inflation in the country’s 50-year history took place in these 7 months.

Chairman PTI said that the highest inflation in the country’s 50-year history occurred in these 7 months. In our era, the inflation rate was 15 to 16 percent. While today the inflation rate has reached 27 to 28 percent. Jobs are go-ne, imports are do-wn, tax targets. Foreign remittances are down and no country is willing to lend to us given our economic situation.

Nawaz Sharif compromising on national security will make no difference.

Imran Khan said that he has made such agreements that even if we do not buy electricity. We will have to pay money. Nawaz Sharif will not make any difference by compromising on the country’s national security. green signal after making this deal and giving assurance. They return to Pakistan as soon as they meet, like Ishaq Dar came back.

PTI has no Problem with Election after one year, Imran Khan


The PTI Chairman said that if anyone thinks that they can solve the country’s economic problems. Then they should be aske-d who brought the country to this point. Because these families ruled for thirty years. Then they should be to-ld that the country Who took out the bankruptcy?

Imran Khan’s appeal to the Chief Justice

The former Prime Minister appealed. To the Chief Justice and said that look at the cases of assassination of Arshad Sharif. Azam Swati and me, our members have filed petitions in the Supreme Court.

Imran Khan demanded the Chief Justice to hear the petition filed against the Chief Election Commissioner as well. He said that the Chief Election Commissioner has trapped us. In the Tosha Khana and foreign funding cases while the courts have rejected those decisions.

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