Senior analyst Irshad Bhatti strongly criticized the words used by Maulana Fazlur Rehman. Speaking in Geo News program report card. Said Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s statement is sad. “Fazlur Rehman Apologize for the Foul Language | You spread Hate | Irshad Bhatti”

Irshad Bhatti said that it is sad to use such language for mother and sister. Such a conversation should not have been madee. I criticize but I am not disappointed but I am disappointed with Maulana Sahib.

Fazlur Rehman Apologize for the Foul Language | You spread Hate | Irshad Bhatti

Fazlur Rehman Apologize for

The senior analyst said that you represent religion. You did not expect such a conversation, apologize, repent, do not do this again, you have spread hatred, spread division, it is shameful and condemnable.

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Salim Safi also said that Maulana should not have made such a conversation, Reema Umar, a participant in the program, said that I would like to say this. He should not have made such a conversation. .

Reema Umar further said that I never agree with Maulana’s politics, if you come to criticize his statements, there will be very few statements that will survive. Sohail Waraich also said that one should be careful in using language. 

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