PTI’s Azadi March is nearing Islamabad. IG Islamabad has submitted its report to the court regarding the long march and protest. In which it has been suggest that in view of any kind of loss. The Tehreek-e-Insaf should be give financial assistance. Guarantee should be take. “Financial Guarantee for Azadi March should be taken from PTI: IG Islamabad”

In the detailed report submitted in the Islamabad High Court. Threat alerts related to the threats posed to Chairman PTI Imran Khan have also been include. In this regard, the inflammatory statements of Ali Amin Gandapur and other PTI leaders are also part of the report.

In the IG Islamabad report. A PTI leader also threatened the Interior Minister with his life. There are also videos in which the workers are being beat-en up. While Sheikh Rasheed and Faisal Vawda have already been convince. That it will be a bloody march, Chairman PTI Imran Khan himself has admitted that some of his people are arm.

Financial Guarantee for Azadi March should be taken from PTI: IG Islamabad

Financial Guarantee for Azadi March

According to the report, the Supreme Court has made it clear that the assembly is allow as a democratic right. The Supreme Court has also declared that the assembly cannot be hold to destroy the legal government. The protest also stops the diplomatic movement.

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It was request by IG Islamabad that federal agencies should be give authority on the roads leading to the airport. The report suggests that financial guarantee can also be take from PTI so that there is no loss. PTI If I give the required guarantee. There will be no need to keep containers. PTI should be allow to protest only according to court decisions. They are ready to provide security if there is a protest as per the required conditions.

On the other hand, Chairman PTI Imran Khan will deliver an important address today at 4:15 PM in which he will announce the date of arrival of the real Azadi March in Rawalpindi and the future plan of action. The real Azadi March will reach Rawat today.

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