Asma Shirazi claimed in her v-log that General Bajwa answered one of my questions with a sad heart. That four generals have been sacrifice due to the hybrid regime and Imran Niazi’s support. “General Bajwa told me | Four of our Generals were sacrificed to PTI | Breaking News Today”

Asma Shirazi said that I told General Bajwa that you will have to take the responsibility of the hybrid regime. It is not such a simple matter, you will have to answer the damage that has been do-ne.

General Bajwa told me | Four of our Generals were sacrificed to PTI | Breaking News Today

General Bajwa told me

The senior journalist further said that General Bajwa told him that you are right. The way the army has been treat in the last few years. We have sacrificed 4 generals.

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Commenting on this, Maran Mir wrote that the “respect” that came to Bajwa Sahib is an example of reaping what one sows. Those generals who were suppose to become the army chief after Bajwa Sahib have become poor. The first three-year extension was lostt. And now all the generals have become controversial because of them and resentments have come separately in their hearts.

Gul Bukhari said to go to charity. They became “victims” by making billions of rupees and ruining the country.
Murtaza Dar commented that it would have been good if Asma Shirazi herself or any other journalist had asked Huzoor a long and broad question about Ahmad Noorani’s story and she would have told about it in the same way. Well, instead of criticizing the one who broke his constitution on the issue of “sacrifice”. The one who broke it is being criticize.

Kashif Ali said that if the PTI government is a hybrid, then the PDM government is madee up of Desi Ghee.

Social media user Waqar Seth commented that the institution’s dignity, illusion, honor, respect, discipline, unity, popularity, fear and arrogance have also been sacrifice.

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