Google Paid Apps Download Service Suspended for Pakistan

Google Paid Apps Download Service Suspended for Pakistan

The paid app download service by Google has been suspend. “Google Paid Apps Download Service Suspended for Pakistan”

According to the details. The service of the most important app by the American multinational technology company Google has been suspend in Pakistan. Due to which the users who download the application using the mobile phone account will not be able to use this service.

Google Paid Apps Download Service Suspended for Pakistan

Google Paid Apps Download

The option of paying by credit to download the application on Google Play is still there. While the State Bank of Pakistan decided to suspend the direct payment system, after which Google paid the money. The service of the downloaded app has been suspend.

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It was announce by the current federal government to make a policy in this regard within 1 month. While the support of the Ministry of Information Technology was also sough-t by the telecom operators on this issue. After which the Ministry of Finance also Syed Amin. Al-Haq had agreed to pay Google on the recommendation of the Minister for Information and Technology.

Minister for IT Aminul Haque said that within 1 month, the Ministry of IT, Finance and State Bank of Pakistan will prepare a plan of action in mutual consultation. Telecom operators have been give-n one month time to implement the payment procedure. was

The Minister for Information Technology was assured that the amount paid by the Federal Government to Carrier Paid App would be paid as per the schedule after which the payments to Google were not made despite directing the State Bank of Pakistan. can go.

According to the sources, The federal government has to pay 34 million dollars to Google, for which it was decide yesterday that the government will pay Google for one month, but it could not be do-ne, due to which Google made carrier paid apps. The service has been suspend in Pakistan.

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