Imran Khan's Reaction to the Government's Decision to Tax the Salaried

Imran Khan’s Reaction to the Government’s Decision to Tax the Salaried Class

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan has criticized the government’s decision to impose a tax on the salaried class and announced a protest rally at the parade ground next week. “Imran Khan’s Reaction to the Government’s Decision to Tax the Salaried Class”

In his statement, Imran Khan said that the present government was not prepared to run the country’s economy.

Now commodity prices will go up further, the government has put more burden on the people, inflation will increase unemployment and agriculture will be affected.

In the budget, the common man has been kill economically, the price of petrol and diesel has been increase and now they will levy on petrol and diesel.

The former prime minister further said that the implementation of super tax will make things more expensive,

due to super tax corporate tax will go up to 39%, corporate tax in India and Bangladesh is 25%.

He said that many industries have started evicting people. After the super tax, the stock market has been negatively affect.

The super tax will increase the cost of production. Talking about the new tax on the salaried class.

He said that the tax on the salaried class has been further increase. It was already difficult to raise taxes further.

Imran Khan’s Reaction to the Government’s Decision to Tax the Salaried Class

Imran Khan's Reaction to the Government's Decision

Criticizing the government leaders, Imran Khan said that the NAB was moving towards making Pakistan a working state through amendments.

The present government had destroyed the justice system, he had in mind how to get NRO.

Chairman PTI further said that he is challenging the amendments in NAB law in the Supreme Court, Shahbaz Sharif and his children have been cau-ght stealing Rs 16 billion.

They have destroyed the system of Pakistan to save their theft.

If Nawaz Sharif takes property abroad in the name of his daughter, then no one will be able to ask him.

No matter how much, the London flats are own by Maryam Nawaz.

Maran Khan said that when the no-confidence motion came, the dollar was Rs 178.

We brought track and trace system in the sugar industry. The track and trace system shows how much has been stole.

We had to reduce taxes and increase taxes, 20,000 shops were paying only Rs 4 billion in taxes.

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Chairman PTI said that we are at a turning point, these thieves have taken NRO One and have given NRO Two to themselves.

The door of theft has been open by amending the NAB law. The law which has been make is to be implement from 1999.

Under the NAB amendment, Rs. 1100 billion has been forgive, these people have given themselves exemption.

In his statement, the former prime minister appealed to the nation to protest peacefully against him, it was time to take a stand, the people should break the idol of fear.

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