New Delhi: A landslide in the Indian state of Manipur three days ago destroyed an Indian Army camp, killing 34 people, including 26 Indian Army personnel. “Indian army camp destroyed in landslide The death toll rose to 34 | Breaking”

According to Indian media, a huge landslide had occurred three days ago during construction work at Imphal

Jaribam railway project in Manipur state. A military checkpoint set up to protect the project was destroy in a landslide.

Indian army camp destroyed in landslide The death toll rose to 34 | Breaking

Indian army camp destroyed

More than 100 personnel were bury under the rubble cause by the landslide. Rescue agencies recovered

the bodies of eight people on the first day of the rescue operation, including a railway employee and seven military personnel.

However, 34 bodies have been recover so far during the three-day rescue operation, out of which 26 are

Territorial Army personnel.

Similarly, 13 Army personnel and 5 civilians have been evacuate with injuries.

Twenty-eight people are still buried under the rubble, but their chances of survival are slim.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Defense’s Public Relations Officer said that the team tasked with

protecting the railway project was a Territorial Army team of military volunteers.

These military volunteers are civilians and belong to different walks of life and volunteer in the army.

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