The Ambassador of Germany, Alfred Granas, while addressing the meeting on the occasion of his visit to Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), mentioned the energy crisis facing Pakistan and said that Pakistan is not in terms of oil but in terms of green energy. Saudi Arabia may be the next in terms of reference. “Investment will only happen when there is Political stability in Pakistan – German Ambassador”

Foreign Ambassador Alfred Granas said that Pakistan has the capacity to produce green hydrogen in sufficient quantity.

Which can also be exporteds to Germany. Germany’s production of green hydrogen is insufficient. So green energy is a sector that has a lot of potential for exports to Germany.

Investment will only happen when there is Political stability in Pakistan – German Ambassador

Investment will only happen

He said German companies are interested in investing in Pakistan for green hydrogen production and they can also bring necessary technology to integrate parts of solar, hydro, wind and conventional energy.

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The German ambassador said that the investment situation in Pakistan is currently fluctuating which needs attention. German investors want to invest here but they will invest only if they see stable conditions and good returns.

Regarding the GSP Plus scheme. He said that although GSP Plus has proved to be mutually beneficial for Pakistan and Germany.

The decision on its continuation will be takens by the European Parliament. And if it says no. So Pakistan will not get GSP plus concession.

He further said that it is no secret that there are some doubts in the European Parliament. About the achievements in the fields of human rights and Pakistan’s commitments related to GSP Plus.

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