Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has taken notice of the information about the assets and documents of Army Chief Ahmed Nawarni and his family members and has directed Special Assistant Tariq Pasha to investigate. “Pak Army Chief Leaks | Ishaq Dar’s Notice on the Army Chief’s Family being Patrimonial”

The Finance Minister directed that an investigation be conducted as to how the assets and tax information of the Army Chief and his family were leaked.

In the light of the Finance Minister’s instructions. Tariq Pasha will determine the person responsible within 24 hours and submit the report to Ishaq Dar.

Pak Army Chief Leaks | Ishaq Dar’s Notice on the Army Chief’s Family being Patrimonial

Pak Army Chief Leaks

Ishaq Dar says that it is a serious mistake of the unknown person who leaked these reports. Tariq Pasha should personally investigate the matter immediately.

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According to the statement of Arth Khazana. The information was illegally and unnecessarily leaked, clearly violating the absolute confidentiality of tax information.

It should be note that yesterday Ahmad Noorani of Fact Focus published a story in which it was claim that the army chief’s family became billionaires in 6 years.

The army chief became a billionaire only 9 days after his marriage. While the condition of the rest of the sisters remained the same.

Nine days before Ayesha Bajwa became a daughter-in-law. DHA acquires ownership of eight plots in Gujranwala.

In this story, Ahmed Noorani also referred to various documents and FBR records.

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