According to media reports, contempt of court notice was heard against PTI leader Asad Umar, The case was heard by Justice Jawad Hassan, CPO, Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner appeared in the court. “The Court accepted Asad Umar’s Unconditional Pardon | Today’s Breaking News”

Asad Umar appeared before the court in Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench and said that he apologized unconditionally for what he had said and did not want to pursue the case, to which the court said that it was good that he apologized and ended the matter.

The Court accepted Asad Umar’s Unconditional Pardon | Today’s Breaking News

The Court accepted Asad Umar's Unconditional Pardon | Today's Breaking News

Asad Umar said that my intention was not to target the courts or judges. The court said that we know very well what you said.

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The court also indicated to deal with the issue of long march routes. Justice Jawad Hasan remarked that the issue of blocking the freedom march routes is now over and the march passed peacefully.

The court’s job was to prevent illegal action. And the march remained peaceful while peaceful protest is the fundamental right of everyone.

Justice Jawad Hasan remarked that he will issue a formal decision regarding road closure. Which will be a guideline for the future.

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A detailed decision will be issue on the road closure petitions. And all these petitions will also be dispose of with this decision.

Additional Attorney General Sajid Tanoli said that an attempt was madee to scandalize the judiciary. So action should be takens.

The court said that we are satisfieds with the unconditional pardon. All the petitions were dispose of by the court.

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