Threats and Danger to Life - Murad Saeed's Letter to the President

Threats and Danger to Life – Murad Saeed’s Letter to the President of Pakistan

After senior journalist Arshad Sharif. The matter of action on the pursuit of Tehreek-e-Insaf central leader Murad Saeed by unknown persons and threats to his life. Murad Saeed sent the most important letter to the President of the country based on details. “Threats and Danger to Life – Murad Saeed’s Letter to the President of Pakistan”

In his letter, Murad Saad requested the President to take notice and necessary action on the matter.

The letter details the stalking, threats and threats to their security by the suspects.

Addressing President Arif Alvi, Murad Saeed said in the letter that I believe that life and death are in the hands of Allah. I have complete faith and trust in Allah. I am not afraid of death and will continue to speak the truth.

Murad Saeed wrote in the letter that Arshad Sharif also wrote to him on July 12, no one took notice nor Arshad Sharif’s concerns were taken seriously, as a result Pakistan is deprived of a loyal and patriotic citizen and the most capable investigative journalist. happened

In the letter, Murad Saeed further said that since the end of the Tehreek-e-Insaf government in Murad Saeed Center, false cases have been registered against me. And pointed out the reason.

Threats and Danger to Life – Murad Saeed’s Letter to the President of Pakistan

Threats and Danger to Life - Murad Saeed's Letter to the President of Pakistan

“I criticized the failures of the law enforcement agencies and raised questions,” he added.

He further said that I was asked to move the family to another place. But due to faith in Allah and love for our soil. I did not do so till date and gave a clear message that we live and die in this soil. In Malakand, when people I was running an awareness campaign for peace. Even then, suspicious persons continued to follow me by changing their clothes, but Allah protected me.

Murad Saeed further wrote that since August till now there have been many plans to kill me. I was not only inform by the local police but also asked to cancel my visit to Deer, Bajaur.

He said that armed men dressed in plain clothes came to my house at 2 o’clock in the night of August 18 in my absence. I still do not know whether they belonged to any law enforcement agency or they were criminals.

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I called my friends for help and when they came the armed men fled. These armed men fled towards the red zone where the police check post is, They were allow to pass.

I applied for registration of the case but no case was registereds. The police not only refused to issue the diary number but also refused to return the application. Their reply was simple that there are orders from above and nothing else. can do

I also requested access to Redzone’s camera recordings which was not granteds. I was repeatedly tolds by the authorities that my life was in danger. The entire state machinery seemed to support the elements that wanted my life. Looking for

Addressing the president, Murad Saeed said that Mr. President. You are the head of the state and the supreme commander of the armed forces. I hope that the negligence of state institutions and departments regarding Arshad Sharif’s letter will not be repeateds. In a country where even an FIR could not be registereds for the assassination of the former prime minister and the most popular leader. The hope of justice is difficult, but it is necessary to put on record the dangers faced.

He further said that I should be tolds who these people are. If it is criminal people? If so, why and how do they get the support of the state machinery? Murad Saeed

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