Today USA Breaking News | US President signs Same-Sex Marrige

Today USA Breaking News | US President signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill

US President Joe Biden signed the same-sex marriage bill into law. Capping both personal and national evolution on an issue that has grown in acceptance over the past decade. “Today USA Breaking News | US President signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill”

According to foreign news agencies, a signing ceremony for the same-sex marriage bill was held in the South Hall of the White House, attended by thousands of people. On the occasion of which Biden signed the bill.

According to reports, President Biden has called the American same-sex marriage law an important step. While the Respect for Marriage Act does not guarantee the right to marry. The Act requires states to recognize same-sex marriages on their own lines.

According to CNN, Biden signed the Marriage Respect Act in a ceremony in front of thousands of invited guests in the South. Which the White House said showed the importance of the moment.

The president asked that marriage is a simple proposition. Whom do you love? And will you be faithful to the person you love? It’s not more complicated than this.

Biden said the law he is about to sign recognizes that “everyone should have the right to answer these questions for themselves without government interference” and that the U.S. government “protects the protections that come with marriage.”

Today USA Breaking News | US President signs Same-Sex Marriage Bill

Today USA Breaking News

“For most of our nation’s history, we have denied these protections to interracial couples and same-sex couples,” Biden said. It was a failure to treat them with equal dignity and respect. And now this law requires interracial marriage and same-sex marriage to be legal in every state in the country.

The new law officially repeals the Defense of Marriage Act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman. It mandates that states respect the validity of out-of-state marriage licenses, including same-sex and interracial unions.

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It should be noted that as a senator, Biden voted in favor of the Defense of Marriage Act in 1996. The bill he signed Tuesday is the culmination of his turnaround on the issue.

After passing the Senate with 12 Republican senators, the bill passed in the House with 39 Republicans joining Democrats in support.

Such a bill seemed unlikely to many in Washington, even as public opinion on same-sex marriage has shifted over the years, according to a poll by the nonprofit, nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute, with 68 percent in favor. Americans support same-sex marriage in 2021, up 14 percent from 2014.

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