The anti-narcotics agency has started an inquiry into the illegal activities of the Anti-Narcotics Force (Anti-Narcotics Force) staff present at the Islamabad Airport and the demand and collection of bribes. A video of the airport located in the federal capital Islamabad went viral. In which officials were show accepting bribes. “3 ANF Officials Suspended for Accepting Bribes from Travelers going Abroad”

According to media reports, while taking action on the viral video on social media, ANF has suspended the three officials involved in the incident. They can be see demanding bribes from Pakistani nationals traveling abroad and then receiving foreign currency.

3 ANF Officials Suspended for Accepting Bribes from Travelers going Abroad

3 ANF Officials Suspended

In the video, an official can be seen taking foreign currency from a passenger in front of his colleagues, the official can also be heard saying that the luggage is too much, take one shopper and leave the other.

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In the video, the official can be hearrd saying that if the passenger wants to take another shopper. Someone should serve. The official can also be heardd saying that there are no euros, pounds or anything else in the bag?

The traveler gives 2 foreign currency notes to the ANF official. Which the official keeps. The traveler tells the official that he wants to take food. On which the official allows him to keep some money.

However, The ANF press release issued on the matter said that. The involvement of the anti-narcotics control personnel in illegal activities is being investigate. Through a high-level inquiry into the viral video on social media to establish the facts. Can be identifiede.

The statement added that the authorities concerned have been suspend pending the finalization of the inquiry.

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