Actor Afzal Ahmed's Viral Picture from the Hospital Bed made

Actor Afzal Ahmed’s Viral Picture from the Hospital Bed made Everyone sad

Actor Afzal Ahmed is a legendary actor of Pakistan who worked in more than 200 dramas and filmsŪ” His spontaneous acting captivated everyone, his famous films include Sholay. Sharif Badsheem, Savish Jat, Ishq Nachawe Gulli Gulli, Dehleesh, Decik, Blandi, Kaale Chor, Behesht, Var and other films are included. “Actor Afzal Ahmed’s Viral Picture from the Hospital Bed made Everyone sad”

Afzal Ahmed acted not only as a villain but also as a hero, he also did many masterpieces including Jazira, Chal Suchal, Pushar. A few years ago he suffered a stroke due to which he was unable to walk. But no one took notice of him and he remained a picture of helplessness for many years.

On Friday, Afzal Ahmed passed away due to Brain-Hambridge, Actor Afzal Ahmed’s death has left many questions that are we so apathetic that we don’t value our heroes?

A picture of him went viral on social media in which it can be seen that he was laid on a bed where a patient was already present, Afzal Ahmed died in agony along with another patient.

Sohail Ahmad Azizi shared this picture in great sadness, on which Irfan Hashmi commented that Sohail brother. This is what we do to good people. VIP wards to murderers and advertisers in this country. I keep them, but they kill the actors with their own hands.

Actor Afzal Ahmed’s Viral Picture from the Hospital Bed made Everyone sad

Actor Afzal Ahmed's Viral Picture

Paras Jahanzeb said that when he was broughtt to the hospital because of Brain Hamburg, the behavior of the administration was extremely insulting. Afzal Ahmed was givn a room. Not even a bed was givn and another patient was also laids on the same bed with Afzal Ahmed.

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Saint Farooq Awan said that it is a pity. The common man does not have the same status, but learn to appreciate the artist from the neighboring country India, you insensitive people. You will die with dignity.

Express News journalist Arshad Chaudhry commented that the legendary actor Afzal Ahmed passed away, but he could not get a separate bed in the hospital.

Shakir Mahmood Awan said that we treat our heroes in the same way. May Allah make the next destinations of actor Afzal Ahmed easy.

Shahrabano said, “Alas, alas, alas. Those who are lamenting that Afzal Ahmed did not get a suitable hospital in the last time. They ask the question. Where were you at that time?”. When he was alive?. When he was in agony?. Why is it necessary to die to prove the pains of life. Why are we as a society so insensitive?

Other social media users also criticized the hospital administration.

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