Former Federal Minister of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Faisal Vawda has said. That the video that Azam Swati is repeatedly mentioning and on the basis of which he is saying all this was made by himself. “Azam Swati Video | Faisal Vawda | New Statement Today | Breaking News”

Faisal Vawda while talking to the host Saleem Safi in the Jirga program of the private channel Geo. Said that which honorable person says on the video leak that yes this is my video?

Azam Swati Video | Faisal Vawda | New Statement Today | Breaking News

Azam Swati Video

He said that he made the video himself, Imran Khan is a simple man, he does not understand. Faisal Vawda further said that if Azam Swati has the original video, how did he get the video? They have the original video, so how come the rest have a fake one?

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The former federal minister said that Azam Swati’s entire narrative regarding the video is false. First he protested over the video, then cried, then marched. And when nothing was discuss and the truth was reveal. He took to social media. Scold the army as a mother and sister.

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Faisal Vawda, expelled from PTI, also says that the allegations of Azam Swati have been denied by the Supreme Court itself, with which the entire narrative has collapsed.

Faisal Vawda alleged that he himself made this video to gain sympathy to become the Leader of Opposition in the Senate. However, his stance is being heavily criticize on social media.

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