Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Amir |

Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Ameer |

If the Patwari is appointed in a village for a long time, the people of God get bored. If you have been a police officer in a police station for many years, people complain. After all, how long can a person bear the same face and the same kind of words? At least you can speak against patwaris and thanidars and say what their achievements are. But where there is a complete ban on language. And the ability to do the kind of fate that happened to Azam Swati. Shahbaz Gul and many others. Then the helplessness of man takes on a strange nature. “Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Ameer |”

If you speak against the Patwari, then you will not be able to do your job at the time of need. If you complain to the Thanedar, you will stop going to the police station, but here the story is different. Immediately before the accusation is madde. The atmosphere is such that even if there is a need to talk, they do gestures in Kanai. Sometimes they use the words of institutions and sometimes of authority.

This is not the case in other countries. Legally and traditionally, institutions stay away from political matters, so they also stay away from criticism. It is not only necessary to intervene here, but to understand it as a right. In everything, you have to have your opinion, strings have to be pulled, and there is room for someone to raise a finger or speak. That is, everything has to be done, but criticism is not tolerated.

Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Ameer |

Departure of Bajwa Sahib

However, societies have their own way of evolution. The name of the sacred buffaloes that were here was never taken, but this environment changed during Musharraf’s reign. One thing about that general was that he did not go wild on everything. Neither his predecessors nor the pioneers of our democracy could do it with the cheekiness with which he bore criticism. However, some environment changed and the reputation of what we call institutions was restored when peace was est ablished in Swat and South and North Waziristan and the monopoly of MQM in Karachi was broken. Strange chapter. And all this happened because those who should have left on time were kept longer than necessary.

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Hardwa has an expiry date. The same is the case with humans. They also have an expiration date, when the first one does not move and is no longer healthy, but a strange tradition has become in our kingdom of God that the usefulness of a servant has gone but you are sitting on a chair and that is not a chair either. Wanted to leave. New thought was not in mind. The ability to work in a new way is gon, but you’re getting hang up and they’re getting hang up too.

Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Ameer |

Look at Mr. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, the first three years seemed good, but when the three-year extension was givn, it started to seem heavy. His name was not number one, but as it happend, his luck worked and he was chosn for the big post. Three years should be considerd sufficient in such a senior position. This is the custom in India, the three-year term is over and the change is in order

Here, our Nakhtu rulers establish a concept of their own interest, under which they consider it very wise that the one who is sitting on the high command should be give an extension. It would have been better if we had been satisfy. The stories that are coming out are mostly for this reason. Our Taram Khan also has a big hand in it.

From the captaincy of the cricket team until now, it is know about him that he does not consider anyone. “It is a good thing” should not be do-ne, but when Bajwa Sahib’s three years were complete, the same Imran Khan not only extended it, but a formal legislation was passd from the National Assembly that a three-year extension can be grant and if age permits, the extension can be extend. It can also be extend. Which means that at first it was just a tradition that so-and-so is getting an extension, but now it has been recordid in the regular law that this can happen. There is no such law in any other country, but our work They are unique and quirky. If Imran Khan succeeds in the upcoming elections, the first thing to do should be to abolish this extended law.

Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Ameer |

The nation has not suffered the consequences of Field Marshal Ayub Khan’s expansion? We have not seen the achievements of General Zia-ul-Haq’s expansion? We have tried the long bow of General Pervez Musharraf. When will we learn from the disastrous moments of the past? Similarly, the politics and democracy here is pretty lame, it cannot run without crutches. The balance of power from the top has been disturb so much that it will take a hundred years to restore democracy and politics. One more thing should be keep in mind that if there was a Napoleon or someone like him, we would say, but the situation is not like that. Well, good luck to them that they came up, but keep it for a period and then let it go.

In the old German and British armies you find great intellectual types of generals who commanded wars and then wrote great books. There is no such tradition here. I am saying this on the basis of first-hand experience because I stayed in Kakul Academy for two years and had the opportunity to see the quality of intellectuals there closely. It has become that the ruling has also fallen into the hands of the powerful. And it has destroyed the country. The demands of governance are different and governance requires a different kind of understanding.

Departure of Bajwa Sahib | General Bajwa ki Rukhsati | Ayaz Ameer |

This is our dilemma. The political groups that were born from the womb of Zia’s dictatorship entrust security and military affairs to institutions and devoted themselves to business and earning wealth. Then we say, what happened to the country? Where is it stucck? Why doesn’t development happen here? Those whose work is not governance should sit down to correct the direction of the country and those who should govern better should get busy making money, then the nation has to develop.

Such dilemmas cannot be resolve overnight. Our journey is long and the destination is far. But make some beginning and the first rule should be that everyone should keep his own work. The intervention of Khawam Khawha, ‘policing without reason in every department’, should end. And where did Bajwa Sahib sit down to correct the date of 1971, where did this suggestion of untimely Ragini come from?

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