End of General Bajwa's tour | Comments of Journalists and Social

End of General Bajwa’s tour | Comments of Journalists and Social Media Users |

General Asim Munir took over the command of the Pakistan Army. After which he became the 17th Chief of the Pakistan Army. “End of General Bajwa’s tour | Comments of Journalists and Social Media Users |”

General Qamar Javed Bajwa’s 6-year tenure ended after General Asim Munir took command of the army. General Bajwa replaced former Army Chief General Raheel Sharif as the Army Chief in 2016 and was also given a 3-year extension in 2019.

Bajwa has been mire in various controversies during his 6-year tenure and is also accuse of changing Imran Khan’s government and retaliating against PTI leaders and supporters. Rahi Sahi Kasar Ahmad Noorani’s story is complete which reveals that General Bajwa’s family became billionaires in 6 years.

Various journalists and social media users commented on how General Bajwa’s tenure was.

Commenting on the former army chief’s statement “I will soon go into anonymity”, Sabir Shakir said that there is no better option.

Shafaa Yousafzai commented that those who were always trying to oust Imran Khan from power now want to stop Imran Khan from dissolving the assemblies. I don’t understand why. One person says no, I have two numbers in the system and all the others are holding him by force and keeping him from the system.

Anchor Imran Khan commented that General Bajwa nation will never let you be anonymous. Your favors will be reward. Wherever you are see-n by Pakistanis, you will be honor there.

End of General Bajwa’s tour | Comments of Journalists and Social Media Users |


End of General Bajwa's tour
He further said that there is no one left who is not happy today.

Oriya Maqbool John said that Qamar Javed Bajwa will always be remembered for the kindness that he removed all kinds of fear from the hearts of twenty-two bitter people. Be happy, be settle

Rai Saqib Kharl said that today everyone has become a hero: but the real heroes are those who remained critical of Bajwa Sahib even when he was chief and then stood up.

Saqib Wark said that Army Chief General Asim Munir has to decide for himself whether he has to retire like General Bajwa or like General Raheel Sharif, the new Army Chief has to take steps to rule the hearts of Pakistanis and not theirs. Retirement Day #Yum_Najat_29_Nov Be Top Trending !!

Mutiullah Jan commented and wrote that Khus Kam Jahan Pak.

Asma Shirazi Statement | General Bajwa told me that four of our Generals were sacrificed to PTI

Nadeem Zaman commented that the new command of the Pakistan Army will continue to acknowledge the services of General Bajwa more than the entire Pakistani nation because the organization has suffered more than the nation.

He further said that in his farewell speech. I can only say that General Bajwa has driven the Pakistan Army like a Chung Chi rickshaw.

Social media user Ali Malik said, “What a shame, what a disgraceful departure. People are celebrating, the day is being celebrate as a day of salvation. It is very sad that the command of such an excellent institution as Yahya. And Bajwa In the hands of the people. Bajwa ended the romance of crores like me with this institution

Iqrarul Hasan commented that either the nation is so happy after winning a match against India or it is today.

Raheeq Abbasi commented that Arshad Sharif had prepared and run a package on “who he was”. If Arshad Sharif was alive today. He would have prepared and run an answer package. And answered the questions raised by himself with research on who he was. That is why Arshad Sharif was remove from the path before November 29.

Other social media users also commented on it.

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