Pakistan still has enormous untapped resources to significantly increase its economic growth rate. Our two major sources of foreign exchange are exports and remittances from abroad, both of which contribute $30.30 billion in foreign exchange annually. “How much can Pakistan increase its GDP by Empowering Women”

According to a study review by Mackenzie Global Institute, another important source through which Pakistan can earn as much foreign exchange is the empowerment of women. is at no.

How much can Pakistan increase its GDP by Empowering Women

How much can Pakistan increase its GDP by Empowering Women

It is possible to increase Pakistan’s GDP by 30 billion dollars per year through gender equality. In terms of opportunities for women in Pakistan. The current cabinet of PDM can also be review. The representation of women in this ship-sized cabinet is very limiteds.

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However, despite this, these few women have proven their skills and their services have been recognize at the global level. In this regard, the examples of Sheri Rehman and Hina Rabbani Khar can be presented. While the performance of PTI’s Dr. Sania Nishtar, Shireen Mazari and Non-League’s Anusha Rehman is also better than other male members of assembly and ministers in the previous government.

As a result of the electoral reforms, the percentage of women’s representation in the legislative assemblies improved somewhat. Through these reforms, 33 percent of the seats in the local governments and 17 percent of the seats in the Senate. National and Provincial Assemblies were reserveds for women. Before the reforms, women’s representation was never more than 3.5 percent.

For economic development, It is necessary to realize the fact that without empowering women. The dream of economic development will never be realize.

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