Imran Khan once again came out in Support of the Presidential

Imran Khan once again came out in Support of the Presidential System

Karachi: Tehreek-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan has said that the presidential system is a stable system. Until the rule of law is established in the country. There cannot be good governance, there is a monopoly of mafias everywhere, the biggest mafia is the real estate mafia. “Imran Khan once again came out in Support of the Presidential System”

He said this while addressing a seminar on the performance of the economy. And the challenges faced by PTI’s economic cell in Karachi through video link.

Imran Khan once again came out in Support of the Presidential System

Imran Khan once again came out in Support

Chairman PTI said that when we came in 2018. The situation was very bad, we passed the first year with great difficulties. If Saudi Arabia and UAE did not cooperate, survival would have been difficult.

Lockdown was imposed in European countries due to Covid but Pakistan. I didn’t, what would the day laborers do if there was a lockdown?
He said that we increased employment opportunities by giving incentives to the construction industry.

He said that due to the two families that came in 1990, the economy began to deteriorate, until political stability comes in the country, even a genius will not be able to fix the economy. 88% of businessmen do not trust the government. Until elections are hold, there will be no political stability in the country.

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He said that there is no need for us to conduct an election campaign. They say that we want to come to the government, so let these people know that we will come to the government.

He said that there is stability in the presidential system until the rules of law are improve, good governance cannot be establish. There are mafias everywhere, we wanted to increase taxes by using technology but the people sitting inside did not want it.

Imran Khan said that the biggest mafia is real estate mafia, you can’t imagine what is their power? As far as the whole country is concerned, government land worth Rs 1200 billion has been occupied in Islamabad alone.

He said that all the people have to focus on how dollars can come into the country, ten million Pakistanis living abroad should be give-n the opportunity to invest, whatever government comes.

It has to take the steps that have been take-n so far. Not taken, the government should come for five years, amnesty should be the only one who will invest in the industry, he can white his black money, seen in 3 and a half years, there is a lot of potential in various sectors including tourism. He said that we should have bought oil from Russia.

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