Monis Elahi’s interesting reaction to the de-notification of Chief Minister Punjab Parvez Elahi came out. Munis Elahi said that in panic, PML-N and PDM are doing stupid things. “Munis Elahi Reacted Foolishly by Denotifying Parvez Elahi”

While tweeting on the social networking website, he said that the perfectionists have done perfection last night.

Munis Elahi Reacted Foolishly by Denotifying Parvez Elahi

Munis Elahi Reacted Foolishly by Denotifying Parvez Elahi

He further said that the vote of confidence was to be conducteds by Speaker Punjab Assembly, but in their panic, PML-N and PDM have acted foolishly.

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On the other hand, The move to de-notify the Punjab Chief Minister was challenge in the Lahore High Court. The petition filed by Chief Minister Punjab Pervez Elahi consists of 5 pages.

According to the text of the petition, Governor Punjab did not write a letter to the Chief Minister to take the vote of confidence. The letter was writtens to the Speaker Punjab Assembly and not to Chief Minister Parvaizalhi.

Petitioner Kamzaid said that the governor cannot call another during one meeting. The governor has no authority to unconstitutionally de-notify the chief minister, text.

The petitioner requested that the court declare the notification of the Governor of Punjab null and void.

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