Police stopped the main stage for the rally of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf near Faizabad area of ​​Rawalpindi. After which PTI started the work of shifting the main stage of the rally to Murree Road Rehmanabad. “PTI Azadi March new Update | Police stopped PTI from preparing stage in Faizabad”

The police took away the identity cards of the staff engaged in the stage work. And the stage preparation work wasalso stopped. In this regard, the police while giving instructions to the staff said that an order has come from above. That the stage will not be allow to be build here.

PTI MNA Aslam Khan had a bitter conversation with the police officials over the obstruction in the stage preparation. And Aslam Khan said that serious notice will be take of the conduct of the SHO. When the police stopped the work. The main stage was move from Rahmanabad to Sixth Road and install in front of the Survey of Pakistan building on Murree Road.

Talking about this, Shibli Faraz said that the Islamabad administration is putting obstacles now they have start a new drama, they are moving the main stage from Faizabad to Rahmanabad, but the rally will be heeld on Murree Road, 2 from Faizabad. Kilometers ahead.

PTI Azadi March new Update | Police stopped PTI from preparing stage in Faizabad

PTI Azadi March new Update

Meanwhile, the journalist asked Shibli Faraz that you have your own government in Punjab, why are you removing it from here? To this, the PTI leader replied that when you talk to the provincial administration, they smile.

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It may be recall that PTI has announced a rally tomorrow in Rawalpindi for which the administration has given conditional permission. The Islamabad administration has obstructed the landing of the helicopter at the parade ground and refused to allow it.

The management is of the opinion that there is no helipad in the parade ground. It is a very sensitive place and they cannot allow it. On the other hand, PTI leader Asad Umar has challenged the administration that Imran Khan’s helicopter will land in the parade ground itself, GHQ has no objection and the Islamabad administration is saying that they will not allow it.

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