LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz has announced to waive the bills of 100 units of electricity users in the province for the last six months. “Punjab Government announces not to take Bill up to 100 Units”

Addressing a press conference at PML-N Secretariat Model Town in Lahore, Hamza Shahbaz said that today the electricity bill is doomsday. There are 4.4 million families using 100 units across Punjab. The government will provide free electricity to those who use 100 units in the last six months. From today, the Punjab government will bear the cost of those who use 100 units.

Punjab Government announces not to take Bill up to 100 Units

Punjab Government announces

He also announced that the Punjab government will also provide free solar panels to the deserving people so that they can get electricity for free forever. The government is working on providing basic facilities to the people, we are also providing free medicines in hospitals. Are
Hamza Shahbaz said that today is the time to save the state and not politics. Even after 74 years, the country is at a crossroads. People forget their names and positions.

He said that we have to get the people crushed in the mill of poverty and inflation back on their feet, I will not give false consolations like Imran Khan, I will never claim to do everything in 90 days like Imran Niazi when As long as I am the Chief Minister of Punjab, I will tell the truth. The previous government played with Punjab. There has been a constitutional crisis in Punjab for the last three months. I will not call him a thief or a robber.

The Punjab Chief Minister said that we have given a subsidy of Rs 200 billion on wheat, we have given relief of Rs 160 on 10 kg flour and we will also provide more facilities to the people.

He asked the people to tell him that if the PML-N government came to power in 2018, was the growth rate not 5.8 at that time? Wasn’t the load shedding zero then? What has happened in these 4 years is that the economy has gone into negative territory and load shedding is happening again.

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