ISLAMABAD: PTI leader Shireen Mazari has claim that a suspicious device was recover from her house, which was mean-t to spy on her. “Spying Devices were installed in my Bedroom, claims Shireen Mazari”

While holding a press conference with Shibli Faraz. Shireen Mazari said that a device was recover from Imran Khan’s house a few days ago. Now a suspicious device has also been recover from my house. This device came from my living room table. Which is an American model voice recorder.

Spying Devices were installed in my Bedroom, claims Shireen Mazari

Spying Devices were installed

Shireen Mazari said that who installed this device in my bedroom? First I was kidnap, this is also a question. He alleged that PTI workers are being harass. The constitution and law are being flout. If a journalist speaks, an FIR is register against him. 4 cases were file against me.

He said that house servants are temporary. The employee was threaten to kill the son. They use the poor class to do such stupid things. Not sure what information they were trying to get from my bedroom. Shireen Mazari said that Zardari openly gave visas to Blackwater during his tenure. The US Embassy is a fortress.

Speaking on the occasion, Senator Shibli Faraz said that installing a device in Shireen Mazari’s house is extremely dangerous. We do not know how many other people have such devices in their homes and offices.

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