Army Chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa made it clear that a leader. Who cannot accept his mistake cannot become a leader. Chief also participated, Ramizraja welcomed all the guests including the President and Army Chief. “Qmara Javed Bajwa New Statement | One who does not admit his Mistake can never become a Leader”

In the ceremony. The Army Chief also met the journalists and national cricketers and during the informal conversation. He said that the national cricketers play very well, the players should work hard to improve their performance.

He said that Shadab Khan is the best cricketer in the T20 cricket format. The work of leadership is to fight. Losses continue to win. If Shaheen Afridi was not injured. The final result would have been different. In the World Cup we lost by a close margin while India won the World Cup. Having lost by 10 wickets in the cup, our team is now standing again.

Qmara Javed Bajwa New Statement | One who does not admit his Mistake can never become a Leader

Qmara Javed Bajwa New Statement

While appreciating the performance of the national cricketers, the Army Chief also spoke to Babar Azam and Shaheen Afridi, General Qamar Javed Bajwa asked Shaheen Afridi about his injury.

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President Arif Alvi also addressed the ceremony held in honor of the national cricket team. He said that the members of the national cricket team are my heroes.

The president said that the national team played the best cricket despite losing the World Cup, cricket teams show a great performance after a bad performance, these players spread happiness in the nation.

Earlier, in his speech at the Martyrs’ Day ceremony, the Army Chief had said that an inappropriate narrative was created against the Pakistan Army, which is being avoided, the civil-military leadership was given inappropriate titles, and patience also has a limit.

The army chief had said that the military leadership had the means and opportunities to respond to this inappropriate invasion, but the army showed courage in the larger interest of the country and refrained from making any negative statements.

The army chief had said that military intervention in politics is unconstitutional and silence on foreign conspiracy is a sin.

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